Download the following Files: McAfee Super DAT

Login to the PC with Admin rights,

1.    If windows tries to shut down itself, it gives you a minute, so enter DOS as quickly as possible by clicking strat run, cmd and ok and type the command

shutdown – a

in order to abort the windows automatic windows shutdown

2.    Downloaded

the latest DAT 5959xdat to a usb or burn to a CD – this will resolve the lack network issue

3.    Run DAT on the affected computer and when finished reboot to resolve the false positive issue

Recommended Recovery SuperDAT Procedure
1. From a machine that has Internet access, locate and download the Recovery SuperDAT at and save it to portable media.
2. Take the portable media to each affected machine and run the tool. If you are not able to run the tool on the affected machine, boot in safe mode
3. Execute the Recovery SuperDAT tool
4. Reboot in normal mode
5. Use the product update to update to 5959

If this does not work chances are the svchost.exe file is dead then the solution is more complex and may need to be done with our assistance:

I. Get an undamaged copy of svchost.exe.

II. Create a CD with the following on it: McAfee AntiVirus 8.7i (this is the install files) and the undamaged copy of svchost.exe.

III. Boot Windows into Safe Mode.

IV. Rename the McAfee folder (C:\Program Files\McAfee) to McAfeeXZ

V. Reboot to Normal Mode.

VI. Load the CD you created and open a command prompt (you may need to Ctrl-Alt-Del to load Task Manager, do a File>New Task (Run..) and type cmd).

VII. (Assuming your CD drive is D:\) type the following command: copy d:\svchost.exe c:\windows\system32\.

VIII. Hit enter and when it asks if you want to overwrite type Y and hit enter again..

IX. Reboot.

X. Test the Internet, if it is working, you are in good shape.

XI. Go to Add\Remove Programs and remove the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise & McAfee Agent (in that order).

XII. Delete the old McAfee folder (C:\Program Files\McAfeeXZ)

XIII. Reinstall McAfee from your CD and perform the update during the post-installation to get the latest DAT file.

XIV. Make sure you create any schedules scans you had or configuration changes you made before, as it will be a fresh install of McAfee.

XV. Reboot and test it out, everything should be working as it was before, including the OS.