Data Centre

By renting a rack with Cardonet you can free yourself from the necessary maintenance and care that is required when using in-house hosting. You will receive increased uptime, redundancy and a group of IT experts that will be vigilant in the care and upkeep demanded of optimally performing server racks.

This is an ideal option for expanding businesses. If racks are hosted in-house, more materials and time are necessary to increase rack space. If rack space is hosted with Cardonet only a simple telephone call is necessary to increase this space. We offer this service at a fraction of the cost that would be required if you expanded your in-house data center.

Cleaning Up Your Office

As IT experts, we are aware of how much space endless racks of servers take up throughout the office. By letting us host your rack space, you can open up more room in the office by removing the bulky racks. You can then expand your working area to do what it is that you do best.