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Five things to consider when selecting a new IT Service Provider

  All IT Support Providers are the same so you just want the cheapest, easiest solution, right?   Budgets are important, Simplicity is important. But that’s not all you should consider before selecting an IT Service Provider. Here are five things you should consider, along with some reasons why Cardonet might be right for you… 1. Expertise Though IT support might…read more →

Transform your business by solving your IT problems

Cardonet Managing Director Sagi D. Saltoun explores current challenges for the hotelier, and how technology can help to overcome them. This may be counter intuitive for an IT business owner to say, but IT isn’t the problem. It certainly shouldn’t be your problem. As a hotelier the scary stuff that keeps you up at night is more likely to be…read more →

Big Data and How to Use It in Your Favor

SOCAP International, the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals recently released a white paper focusing on the real opportunity of Big Data and how Big Data is changing the HTT sector. Throughout our journey, we make a large amount of small choices that will subsequently shape our experience. These small changes can be stored and sensitively used by hotels to improve…read more →

Micros announced the launch of mTablet and mStation

Micros Systems Inc announced a release of its new mTablet mobile device and mStation stand. This device provides a full mobility which brings another level of service to the hospitality industry. The system has many features that will definitely prove to be useful in the hospitality environment. This device can be used both inside and outside thanks to its display…read more →

Trends revolutionising the hospitality industry

The technology can be a crucial part of improving sustainability, customer’s retention, satisfaction and finally, sales. But what are the main trends that hotels should focus on as soon as possible in order to stay up-to-date with the competition? 1. Cloud Cloud hosting is a term which is heavily used nowadays. Most of the people know at least something about…read more →