On Time and On Budget

Unfortunately your servers will not last forever, but with regular server upgrades you can extend the life of your equipment. Whilst this can be seen as a scary or daunting experience, the process will run smoothly with our help. Cardonet will install server software operating systems on your hardware or procure the necessary hardware and software required to meet your business’s specific requirements.

Server Designing Services

A Cardonet engineer will visit your business and assess the physical environment, user and application loads, as well as the redundancy needed from the servers. They will take this information and create a unique design of hardware and software required to complete the upgrade.

Server Configuration and Installation Services

Cardonet will configure the server to match your business needs whether it be a Domain Controller DC, Global Catalogue, DHCP Server, DNS Server, Terminal Server TS, File Server, SQL Server or Microsoft Exchange Server. We will also optimally configure the disk arrays on the server for either operating system drives or data drives to achieve maximum performance and reliability.