So, why should you be a Cardonet client?

So, why should you be a Cardonet client?
Good question. Here’s ten good answers.

1. Quite simply, the best service you can imagine.

We are driven by client happiness, pure & simple. We go the extra mile to make sure our clients stay with us year after year. And they do. Not because we reduce their pricing every year or send them flashy gifts at Christmas, but because we never give them a reason to look elsewhere.

2. Genuine independence.

Not as common as you think. Gold partner this, Platinum partner that – the myth in the IT services industry is that the more partner accreditations your supplier has, the better. But did you know that Microsoft Gold Partner status* is not awarded solely on technical merit? And that it comes with a commitment to deliver a certain amount of revenue each year? Think about that the next time your IT services provider recommends a certain solution to you.

3. We’re incredibly agile.

Being independently owned and not having layers of management mean we are able to respond quicker and slicker than most of the competition. Essential for when you need something done quickly without compromising on quality.

5. No extra charge for evenings and weekends.

We believe our clients pay us to avoid disruption, not to cause it. That’s why we work when it’s most convenient for you, not for us. If carrying out maintenance or upgrades during the day will result in you experiencing downtime that affects your organisation then we’ll do it at night or at the weekend, for no extra charge. There may be other companies that offer this, but we’ve certainly never heard of them.

7. We take responsibility.

Our motto is ‘We make IT happen’. That’s not just a clever slogan – it’s the central pillar of our service ethos. From our directors to our most junior engineer, everyone at Cardonet is encouraged to take ownership and responsibility for client issues. Excuses are not on the menu.

9. We don’t want to sell you hardware.

If there’s something you need, we’ll tell you what it is and give you an idea of where to get it. We’ll also tell you how much it should cost. Of course, if you would rather we took responsibility for procurement then we are happy to, but we like our clients to know that when we recommend an item, it’s not because we will make money from them buying it.

4. No sales people

Yes, you read that correctly. From 1999 to this day, Cardonet has never employed a sales person. Not one. We’ve grown through word-of-mouth & referrals only.

6. We speak your language.

At Cardonet, we recognise that an multinational workforce deserves a multinational support team, which is why we carefully select our IT engineers to not only ensure we have the broadest range of skills and experience but also the widest range of language skills. From Portuguese to Polish, from Hungarian to Hebrew: wherever you or your staff are from, the chances are we speak your language.

8. We go the extra mile.

We’ve grown for one reason and one reason only – our reputation. And reputations are hard to gain and easy to lose, which is why we go the extra mile to make sure our clients never want to leave us. And they don’t. Since 1999 no client has ever left us for service reasons.

10. Try us for free.

Yes, for free. No strings, no catch. If you are thinking of changing your IT services provider, we will give you a day’s worth of on-site engineering or consultancy completely free. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love working with us.

Of course, there are lots more reasons to work with us, but wouldn’t you rather hear them from one of our clients?
Call us on 0845 699 2444 and we will give you direct contact details for one of them. Ask them why they are happy to be a Cardonet client.