Hotels need a specialist hotel IT support company to meet their IT Support needs.

Hotel IT systems are complex, each dealing with a different part of the guest experience. It starts with making an online reservation,through to check in and use of the hotels facilities. The gym, the bar, the conference centre; computer systems are critical to each experience.

Hotel Computer Systems Network

Hotel network


We provide all our hotel customers with 24×7 x 365 IT Support and we make sure that their Hotel IT systems integrate with each other.  Our experience at Cardonet allows us to optimise your Hotel IT Systems so that they are as reliable as possible. We know all the major PMS, POS, TMS vendors and we work closely with these vendors to ensure they interface correctly with each other; from the EPOS systems to Travel Click.

“Cardonet go beyond just ‘fixing stuff’ and their team’s supportive nature means every problem gets solved. Something I’ve learnt to take for granted and couldn’t be without in the future.” 

Lindsey Holland, St Pancras Hotel Group.

Contact Cardonet to get the IT Support service that your hotel needs and start enjoying distraction-free Hotel IT Support:

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